Loan Sales Strategy and Management Approach

DebtX represents sellers on an exclusive basis, tailoring each engagement to meet our client’s goals and objectives. Our framework for every sale breaks down into two phases: strategy and execution. Specific objectives and deliverables within these phases represent the loan sale life cycle.

Loan Sales Strategy

The strategic stage includes developing an understanding of our client’s goals and objectives, valuing the loan or loan portfolio, and recommending the most effective sale strategy.

image/svg+xml Identify client’s goals and objectives COLLABORATE Loan or Loan Portfolio EVALUATE Custom sales DESIGN

Loan Sales Execution

The execution phase includes underwriting and preparation of due diligence and legal materials, investor outreach and marketing, bidding, closing, post-closing activities.

image/svg+xml image/svg+xml Post sale reporting andcompliance MONITOR Award and settleloan saletransaction CLOSE Investors throughoutreach andmarketing QUALIFY Investor due diligence,sale documents PREPARE Evaluate bids ANALYZE

Our Cross-functional Approach

DebtX’s loan sale teams are organized around the sale lifecycle from sales and marketing through valuations, underwriting, trading and closing with support from our legal, accounting, and technical groups.

Each team is staffed with highly skilled and specialized personnel for each step in the process. DebtX’s experienced team members from different units communicate and collaborate throughout the loan sale lifecycle to optimize sale execution.

Our senior managers and executives oversee the process from start to finish. We support our professionals with best-in-class technology, giving us a competitive advantage as the seller’s agent.