$38.2 Million Performing Commercial Real Estate Loan Portfolio

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of a primarily performing $38.2 million commercial loan portfolio.  The portfolio, which has collateral throughout the US, consists of 90 loans and will be offered in six pools and one stand-alone retail relationship. The portfolio has approximately 12 years of seasoning with an average origination date of 11/2008, and the portfolio has amortized down 38% from an original balance of $61.3 million. The portfolio has a WAC of 6.33% and WAM of 10/2026.

Final bids are due Thursday, November 12th, by 2:00 p.m. EST.

For more information, please contact Mike Roth at (617) 531-3424 or mroth@debtx.com.

You must be registered with DebtX to receive detailed information about these loans and to participate in the sale. To register, please visit our registration page.

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