$62 Million Mixed Performance CRE, C&I and Hotel Loan Portfolio

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of a mixed performance $62 million loan portfolio.

The portfolio consists of 60 loans in 32 relationships.  Collateral classes include hotel, C&I and CRE.  The portfolio is being offered in 14 pools, which may be bid individually or in bespoke combinations.

Final bids are due December 10th before 2PM ET.  For more information please contact Ken Daley at (617) 531-3428 or kdaley@debtx.com.

For the hospitality offerings, please contact Mike Capozzi at (617) 531-3454 or mcapozzi@debtx.com.

You must be registered with DebtX to receive detailed information about these loans and to participate in the sale. To register, please visit our registration page.

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