NPL Virtual: A Virtual Update on the European Non-Performing Loans Market

A virtual investor panel, moderated by Gifford West, Managing Director at DebtX, discuss their views on where the opportunities will be in Europe, how their firms are thinking about the situation, and when the wave of new non-performing loans (NPLs) will arrive.

Southern European NPL sales, notably Italy, have continued through the crisis, and the expectation is that Spain and Italy will be the first markets to come fully back on stream. Politically sensitive sales in Northern Europe (e.g., consumer credits in the UK) have been halted for fear of political repercussions. Cautious interest in opportunities in office, logistics, and hotels. Greater pessimism with regards to shopping malls.

A consensus that there will be a wave of NPLs at the end of the year. There will be opportunities but also unknown risks.

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