DebtX Team DebtX News, Other October 26, 2022

Thomas R. Goodwin

We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of our dear friend and colleague, Tom Goodwin. Tom was a DebtX co-founder and an integral part of our success for more than two decades. After founding DebtX, Tom was our most senior salesperson and major personality within the company. 

Tom always brought passion, energy, fun and friendship to our company and to so many people we are lucky to do business with. On the phone, on the road, from first meetings to many closing dinners, Tom always had a good word, funny story, wise advice or just something nice to say to people. He set a great example for how to build a successful career and a happy life.

Tom had many professional successes including hundreds of transactions large and small, and a wonderful roster of customers and professional friends. But more importantly, he served as a mentor to countless DebtX colleagues, within sales and throughout the company.

Tom also gave his time generously to many industry and civic organizations and alumni groups. Tom was always eager and happy to make connections and provide advice or assistance to colleagues, friends and all others. His generous spirit was infectious and helped countless professionals in their professional and personal development.

Tom was relentlessly optimistic and passionate about friends, colleagues and Boston sports teams. But the centerpiece and focus of his life was his family. Tom’s love of his family was a primary part of his big personality, and one of his most endearing qualities. Our deepest condolences go out to Tom’s wife Linda, his children and the rest of his family. 

It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to someone who was a friend and colleague for over two decades. Tom left an indelible spirit at DebtX. His spirit, positive energy and enthusiasm for all his pursuits, professional and personal, will stay with us even if he’s no longer with us in person.

More information about Tom’s life and memorial services can be found here:

Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to Tom’s family.  We will miss Tom dearly.

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