Software Solutions

Market-specific loan sale platforms that integrate customizable syndication and loan sale process workflow tools, customer and counterparty relationship management and secure document distribution.

Deployed by leading financial institutions

  1. Manage loan syndication processes and reporting
  2. Facilitate loan sale and purchase transactions
  3. Enable secure document exchanges and virtual deal room functionality

Software Solutions Benefits

Using our software, banks and other financial institutions can:

  • Record and leverage institutional knowledge
  • Ensure process accuracy and compliance
  • Enhance collaboration with partner institutions
  • Analyze customers and counterparties to identify opportunities and increase profitability
  • Ensure data security

Our software solutions have been audited and approved by the security compliance groups of many of the world’s largest banks, government agencies, and other financial institutions.

Software Solutions


A secure, integrated deal management platform for syndicated loan distribution and multibank agency administration.


A secure, document sharing platform combining virtual data room (VDR) functionality with customer relationship management (CRM) and customizable workflow automation tools.


A secure, loan sale platform specifically tailored for secondary market loan sale due diligence and auctions.

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