The platform enables financial institutions to manage their own loan sales from start-to-finish.

DXOpen® is a secure auction platform tailored for secondary loan sales

  • Accelerating time to market
  • Centralized sale process from launch through closing
  • Rapid, automated bid optimization with “what if” scenario analysis to shorten bid-to-closing timeframes
  • Minimized closing risk

Key features and functionality of the DXOpen® Loan Sale Platform

  • Multiple online auction formats for best execution
  • Individual and linked bidding to optimize bidder participation
  • Automate bid optimization
  • Bid review and scenario analysis tools
  • Secure Virtual Data Room
  • Integrated CRM to manage counterparty relationships

How DXOpen Works

DXOpen is a 100% web-Based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform with fully integrated asset sale functionality. The platform incorporates many user-friendly features such as a user customizable interface, in-line call logging, data mining and reporting. Hundreds of global institutions have used the platform to execute loan sales and have validated its functionality, the security of all information and transactions, and the exceptional customer service we deliver along the way.

See DXOpen® in action

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