A highly automated valuations service delivering a market-based and scalable valuations solution for CRE, Consumer, C&I and Residential loan portfolios.

DXMark – optimize your ASC 820 compliance and fair value disclosures with a highly automated loan valuations service

Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures (ASC 820) for loans is often challenging for financial institutions. There is no centralized active market where loans are traded, and it is difficult to find published market values. DXMark® from DebtX is the industry’s first scalable valuations solution for loan portfolios based on actual secondary market transactions.

Through its marketplace, DebtX has collected and continues to aggregate data from hundreds of thousands of competitively executed secondary loan sales. This data feeds the sophisticated, quantitative algorithms used by DXMark and provides an objective basis for calculating the expected market-clearing price and associated risk of a given asset or portfolio.

  • Objective, data-driven, reliable and defendable valuations for Fair Value, compliance and disclosure
  • Back-tested and able to withstand scrutiny by regulators and auditors
  • Expedited process and fast turnaround
  • Scalable across hundreds and thousands of loans and portfolios
  • Cost advantages compared to standard valuations services

How DXMark Works

DXMark models incorporate actual secondary market loan sale data as well as new originations and is supplemented by professional oversight and review.

DXMark is an SSAE 18 audited service and is used primarily by clients with large portfolios that require daily, monthly or quarterly pricing.

See DXMark® in Action

Learn how DXMark can help you prepare for Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures and the exact capabilities our ASC 820 Solution provides.

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DXMark® Features

  • Audit Functions / Quality Control
  • Automated version control for every model
  • Universal archive system allows for future replication of previous results regardless of model changes
  • Systemic daily backup of models
  • Auditing function to identify time and source of every model change
  • Ability to back-test using historical market environments
  • Standardized reporting
  • Secure data transfer between client and DebtX
  • Limited security vulnerability with 100% in-house solution
  • Drill down to customizable individual loan level results
  • Leverage Interest Rate Shock and Rate Sensitivity functionality
  • Run pre-defined and user-defined stress case reports
  • Review historical pricing options using then-existing market conditions
  • Process daily pricing (NAV) calculations
  • Trust data security

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