Who We Are

 DebtX provides end-to-end loan sale services. We facilitate the entire loan sale process from portfolio analysis and pricing, deal preparation, deal marketing, trade execution to closing. DebtX structures each loan sale to achieve optimal results for our clients, which typically includes a combination of highest price, certainty of execution, efficient timing, and data security and privacy.

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Our Values



We have worked hard for our reputation and we live up to it every day. We say what we mean. We do what we say. We keep our promises. We won’t waste anyone’s time. We provide our clients with transparency throughout every transaction and interaction.

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We have decades of expertise in the Loan Sales market. We are bankers, attorneys, lenders and finance professionals who have worked together through several economic cycles. Our senior professionals average over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate (CRE), commercial & industrial (C&I), single family residential (SFR), and the consumer and specialty finance debt sectors.



We understand our clients’ needs as we’ve been in their shoes. We listen and we act on feedback. We take responsibility and work side-by-side with our clients’ teams to get to the desired outcome.

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We are committed to getting the results we promised. Our team won’t give up until the job is done and you are satisfied with our excellent client experience.


Repeat clients are the rule rather than the exception. These relationships are a testament to, and a result of, our Integrity, Expertise, Collaboration and Tenacity.

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How We Work

We’ve stayed true to Who We Are and Our Values for over two decades.

We bring more than just loan buyers and sellers together on our platform; we bring differentiated domain expertise, granular understanding of loan portfolios and valuations, proprietary market transactions data, and deep process and workflow knowledge that is reflected in the financial software we build.

We marry leading-edge technology with our core values to drive superior results for our clients.

We put integrity and client outcomes first. Because of who we are, we are well-known, well-regarded and well-liked.

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