End-to-end loan sale services: DebtX’s Loan Sale Advisory Group provides loan sale services and facilitates the entire loan sale process including:

  • Portfolio analysis and pricing
  • Deal preparation
  • Deal marketing
  • Trade execution
  • Closing

DebtX structures each loan sale to achieve optimal results for our clients, which typically includes a combination of highest price, certainty of execution, efficient timing, and data security and privacy.

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Our marketplace platform enables loan sales transactions for commercial real estate, commercial & industrial, single family residential, consumer and specialty finance debt.

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Loan-level pricing and stress testing expertise supported by actual market data for defendable results: For over 20 years, DebtX has captured precise trade data on hundreds of thousands of whole loan and participation sales executed via the DebtX marketplace as well as new originations. DebtX is the only company with such market insight and industry experience.

We leverage the unique data coupled with our valuations expertise and collaborative approach to provide an independent and defendable estimated fair value for our clients’ loans and loan portfolios. We provide daily, monthly, quarterly and annual valuations.

We also provide realistic scenario analyses, stress testing and credit default modeling services. Financial institutions use these services to aid in risk assessment and the measurement of future credit risk for individual loans and loan portfolios.

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A highly automated, loan level valuations service.

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A qualitative and consultative loan valuations service using limited file review.

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Model-based scalable credit rating for commercial real estate loans, enabling individual loan comparisons.

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A fully-outsourced and independent credit default analysis. DXCDA calculates your loan portfolio’s expected losses providing loan-by-loan granularity using PD/LGD methodology.

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Loan Data Solutions

A variety of innovative information services, historical statistics and analytical research.

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Credit Default Modeling and Scenarios

Current risk assessment and future credit risk measurement for individual loans and loan portfolios.

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Software Solutions

Software solutions for loan sales and the syndicated loan market, incorporating relationship management and customizable workflow tools: DebtX offers a suite of products designed to address specific client needs in various market segments.

We offer cloud-based platforms that integrate secure document distribution with customer relationship management and customizable workflow tools to record and leverage institutional knowledge, enhance collaboration, and improve our clients’ ability to execute their loan portfolio processes.

Our products have been audited and approved by the IT security groups of many of the world’s largest banks, government agencies, and other financial institutions.

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A secure, integrated deal management platform for syndicated loan distribution and multibank agency administration.

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A secure document sharing platform combining virtual data room (VDR) functionality with customer relationship management (CRM) and customizable workflow automation tools.

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A secure, loan sale platform specifically tailored for secondary market loan sale due diligence and auctions.

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